Version History

Version 1.1
Great speed improvements
New file format of .ecc files. Old files support too.
Fixed restoring case of filenames
A lot of small improvements

Version 1.2
New installer
Added possibility to fit ECC data in CD/DVD
Added possibility to change process priority, even in real-time
Added possibility to "Pause"
Added showing percent in task bar
Fixed recovering more than 2GB data
Changed default CPU priority to Low
Some small improvements

Version 1.3
Added new "Test mode", allowing to check recover possibility of the Reed-Solomon codes stored in specified .ecc files
Improved header recover ability. ICE ECC now allow to reconstruct headers even header information was corrupted (CPU or RAM hardware failure) during creating ECC file (before making CRC).
Fixed "Fit to" freeze for some data sizes
Some small improvements

Version 1.4
Added queue
Added possibility to add any operations to queue without stopping current operation
Added possibility to test ECC files automatically after creating
Added possibility to turn on/off multithread mode realtime
Added "Verify only" and "Fast Test" modes
Added possibility to close application or shutdown windows after operations
Added possibility to create empty ECC file with only header inside. This file can not be used for data recovery. But it can be used for checking data integrity.
Added "Fast verify mode" or incremental verify. In what mode ICE ECC do not check again data integrity for blocks witch was succesfully verified before.
Added saving ICE ECC options
Some small improvements

Version 1.5
Added possibility to recover data successfully even if Vandermonde matrix is not invertible using additonal ECC blocks
Fixed processing files with filesize equal zero
Some small improvements

Version 1.6
Added default profile for dialog "Create ECC files"
Added auto select previous directory in directory list when enter/leave directory
Added check for prevent recursive adding ECC files as data files
Fixed test after create for multivolume ECC files
Fixed show task data for "Verify task"
Fixed double click on .ECC files
Fixed restoring control position
Some small improvements

Version 2.0
Added support of multi CPU systems and multi core CPU. ICE ECC can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 CPU
Improved speed of create/test/recovery even in single CPU mode
Added multiline hint system
Added hints
A lot of small improvements

Version 2.0a
Fixed speed degradation for some cases in Multi CPU mode
Fixed recovery of multiple errors in Single CPU mode

Version 2.1
Added check for active Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
Added auto-selecting directory if double click on ECC file is occur
Fixed auto activate Fast Verify mode if double click on ECC file is occur
Fixed pause in Multi CPU mode
Some small fixes

Version 2.2
Added command line support for any operations
Command line support integrated with queues. Command line commands add automatically to queue and execute asynchronous
Only single copy of ICE ECC can be execute
Speed improvements due to optimization of access to RAM
Now is possible to control RAM usage
Added possibility to copy log to clipboard
Added sleep timer
Added scheduler. It's possibility to wake any process up at specified time
Added warning timer before application close or Windows shutdown
Fixed closing progress window if application was minimized
Some small fixes

Version 2.2.1
Fixed compatibility bug with Win9X
Added exclude file filter for command line
Some small fixes

Version 2.3
Added compatibility with DEP
Fit to size now do more accurate calculations, if there are a lot of small files
Fixed fail of the recovery for same rare cases then data is shifted
Fixed command line support
Fixed ECC file locking if ECC file creating was failed (not enought HDD space)
Fixed Windows shutdown
Some small fixes

Version 2.3.1
Fixed fail of the recovery some blocks for same rare cases then data is shifted
Modified icons

Version 2.4
Now ICE ECC allow to view detailed information about ECC files

Version 2.5
Added more faster ecc file parsing if there are different ecc files in the same directory
For low priority mode now use IDLE priority
Added 50% CPU usage mode. This is mode prevent CPU overheating when speed is not important
Added new command line switches: "ICEECC.exe log <log filename>", "ICEECC.exe exit", "ICEECC.exe shutdown"
Some small fixes

Version 2.6
Added possibility to find blocks from any files inside data directory. This is allow to recover files from ISO or similar files directly. Also is possible to use it for recovering files with lost filenames.
Changed for low priority mode priority from IDLE to LOWEST
Added command exporting list of files from ECC file to text file - ICE ECC l <ECC file> <List files>
Changed syntax of command line optins. Directory with data files suggest now as default directory
Added new option - /d<Path> now select data directory
Some small fixes

Version 2.7
Added CPU MMX support. Speed improvements for MMX mode 25%-50%
New multitask ICE ECC kernel. CPU utilization slightly reduced. Increased system feadback.
More accurate 50% CPU Usage mode
Added compatibility with Wine for Linux
Now progress gauge integrated to floated toolbar
Removed user confirmation before starting some tasks
Some small fixes